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viVape Review

review vivape vaporizer

review vivape vaporizerviVape Review: The viVape is manufactured by VaporFection the creators of the legendary Stealth vaporizer. I had a great time reviewing such an innovative vaporizer, and the features I liked the most were the touch screen for ease of use and the tasty flavor of the vapor that came from what VapeXhale calls their vaporglass technology.

Vaporfection has been making and researching vaporizing technology since 2003. They have a highly dedicated team that use only the finest quality parts, and only the most cutting edge technology to make the viVape vaporizer.  I took the viVape apart to review it and was very impressed with what I saw.  The heating element also incorporates their glass-on-glass technology and the way it is positioned with the heating chamber makes for vaporizing optimization.

When reviewing the control screen which, Vaporfection calls vaportouch, you will notice that you have the option to choose your delivery method,  either with a balloon or through the whip.  I used both of them and realized that they are equally efficient and effective.  I thought that this was great the the viVape vaporizer gives you the option to choose your delivery method.  Very innovative.

Another nifty part about the touchscreen on the viVape is that it allows you to set the desired temperature and then the cool LED on the side lights up when the vaporizer has reached set temperature.  I set the temperature fairly high to see how fast it would heat up,  and was very impressed with the results, in under two minutes!

While reviewing the viVape vaporizer I figured out that VaporFection also added some other very cool features such as automatic shut-off and cool down.  I found this to add to the benefits of the viVape vaporizer tremendously.  With the viVape vaporizer you can vape worry free.  This vaporizer was a pleasure to use and I would recommend it to anybody who enjoys the vaporizing experience.


viVape Review

viVape by Vaporfection

A review of the viVape vaporizer from VaporFection

A Review of the viVape Vaporizer by VaporFection: The viVape is VaporFection’s newest vaporizer to enter the vaporizer market.  After reviewing this vaporizer you will easily realize that the viVape is one of the most advanced vaporizers available today.

Vaporfection has been in the vaporizer game since since 2003 and are considered a leader in vaporizer technology.  VaporFection has a reputation for making only the best vaporizers using the best parts available. After reviewing the viVape vaporizer I would agree.

What makes the viVape great is all the cool new features that it has to offer.  In general, vaporizers use either a balloon or a whip system for vapor delivery.  The viVape gives you the choice. You can use the balloon or the whip at any time. Vaporfection has also added “vapor sense” allowing for automatic temperature sensing and automatic shut-off.

Vaporfection’s new touchscreen control system allows you to control your viVape with precise accuracy. You can even view the exact temperature of your viVape vaporizer. How cool is that?

VaporFection dedicated a lot of detail to the inside of the viVape as well.  Utilizing the “Vapor Glass” technology, the viVape has a  glass-on-glass heating element, ensuring the best flavours while eliminating the possibility of the heating element emitting harmful toxins.

This is by far one of the most advanced vaporizers available today. Sleek, stylish and works like its supposed to. Two thumbs up for the viVape vaporizer!